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Acupuncture Treatment for Fertility

The goal of acupuncture treatment for fertility is to re-establish the body’s own ability to support pregnancy. By regulating the menstrual cycle and correcting the body’s internal balance, a woman’s chances of conceiving are dramatically increased. Once the rhythm is restored, the hormones trigger the activities for each part of the cycle at the proper time.

For this reason, acupuncture for fertility takes more than one treatment and often more than one menstrual cycle. Many women benefit from receiving treatments once a week for the first month and then every other week for a couple more months. This frequency addresses therapy to different parts of the cycle, specific to each woman’s condition.

Oriental Medicine examination and diagnosis seeks to find the pattern unique to each individual. Not all cases of infertility are treated the same. While one woman may have too much “internal cold” or “stagnant energy,” another one may have “dampness” which impedes her ability to conceive. Some women will need to take specially prepared herbs; others may need to change levels of activity or rest. Each therapy session is customized for the woman and the phase of her cycle

Given the right conditions, the body does the healing to achieve health and a successful outcome. Acupuncture therapy can provide the key to restoring those optimal conditions.

News Anchor Credits Acupuncture For Birth Of Baby

ORLANDO, Fla. — A Local 6 News anchor credits acupuncture and a Problem Solvers report for the birth of her healthy baby girl.About five years ago, Local 6 morning anchor Jacquie Sosa and her husband started efforts to conceive a child. When a year went by and Sosa could not get pregnant, she turned to artificial insemination and the fertility drug, Clomid.The drug worked immediately, according to the report.”When I was six months pregnant, I lost the baby,” Sosa said.Sosa and her husband tried to have a baby naturally for another year but were not successful. She then turned to infertility specialists.

fert1“They could not find anything wrong with me,” Sosa said.Sosa then tried in vitro fertilization.”It was very painful,” Sosa said. “It was emotionally draining. It was physically and financially draining.”Sosa lost a second pregnancy a short time later.She tried in vitro fertilization at $20,000 each time and both attempts failed.”I wanted to be a mother so desperately that we sold our house so I could have a $100,000 set aside to spend just on in vitro fertilization,” Sosa said. “That is how badly we wanted a child.”While working at Local 6 News, Sosa noticed a Problem Solver report about the use of acupuncture to treat infertility and the acupuncture physician featured in the report, Heidi Regier.Sosa became a patient of Regier and it worked, according to the report.

fert2“I never needed the in vitro,” Sosa said. “The acupuncture is all I needed.”The acupuncture Sosa went through focused on the uterine area to regulate menstrual flow, relieve tension and correct the flow of energy.Some traditional doctors are skeptical of Regier’s methods.”I’m hugely proud and honored to have been asked to be a part of that,” Regier said.”When you know in your heart that you are meant to be a mother, you don’t give up,” Sosa said.”But that same heart, wasn’t it broken after the miscarriage?” Problem Solver Steven Cooper said.”It was broken and still is broken,” Sosa said. “You never get over that but it is healing because I have my gift.”Regier said her treatments have resulted in at least 12 pregnancies.

Orlando Couple Credits Acupuncture For ‘Miracle’ Baby

ORLANDO, Fla. — A Central Florida couple credits the treatment of fertility through acupuncture for the birth of their baby after all other treatments and options were exhausted, according to Local 6 News.

fert3Local 6 News featured Gina Hawthorne and her husband, who have tried to have a baby for about 8 years.The couple tried traditional fertility treatments and even adoption, but were unsuccessful.Hawthorne then stumbled on fertility through acupuncture and decided to try it. She first went to acupuncture physician Heidi Regier.”This is a relatively new trend, probably in the last seven years, more predominantly in the last three years,” Regier said. “I have been treating people that are not getting any other treatment and indeed they’re surprised.”Local 6 News aired video of Hawthorne going through a typical treatment for fertility to bring the body back into balance and make it optimal to conceive.”So what it does is restore the function and therefore, ovulation happens at the right time,” Regier said.

fert4“I think that something that really impressed me when I came to Heidi and she told me about everything that was going on in my body, Hawthorne said. “She had touched some parts of my abdomen that was always tender.”Hawthorne had two acupuncture sessions, complemented by one invitro-fertilization treatment — and one month later there was news, according to the report.”I got the phone call and she (Regier) said ‘Heidi, guess what? I won’t need to come for that other appointment, we’re pregnant.’” Hawthorne said. “We couldn’t believe it after so many years of trying and it finally had worked.”

fert5Local 6 News reported that Aidan Hawthorne was born healthy.”We felt like it was a miracle,” Hawthorne said.Acupuncturists believe they can now treat men for infertility.Acupuncturist Helen Tai has treated men for infertility where the needles may go in the head, the stomach and the legs.Studies show that acupuncture can increase a man’s sperm count and the motility of the sperm.One study followed 28 infertile men and in every one sperm count and motility improved with acupuncture. It is also believed acupuncture helps reduce stress and increase the blood flow to the reproductive organs, according to the report.

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